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Best Cocktails near Charing Cross & Soho

For drinks that take you on a taste adventure (and look nice in photos) look no further than our list of the best cocktail bars in Soho and beyond.  



The name of Kwānt the cocktail bar is actually derived from the word quaint. A basement bar in Soho with a design that mixes tropical with gentlemens club chic, but you won't find any umbrellas in your drink here. They use bespoke glassware designed exclusively in Slovakia to serve drinks such as the Sunflower Martini (made with sous-vide cooked artichokes) and a Coffee Negroni (made in an aeropress coffee maker). For garnishes, the bar has its own mini garden where they grow micro herbs for that extra hit of flavour.

Kwānt cocktail bar is located at 25 Heddon Street, Mayfair, W1B 4BH.

Bar Termini


Another fantastic cocktail bar in Soho is Bar Termini. Modelled after small bars at italian railway station, Bar Termini is a very small bar, think 20 seats maximum. In the day, you can order coffees but at night is when their cocktails dominate the menu. Their cocktails are made up in bottles by the bartenders and poured  directly, handily you can also buy these to takeaway too. The speciality is the House Negroni, and in the summer they have Sicilian lemon sorbet and vodka blended to make the Elegante. More unusual drinks include distillates of clay and lichen if you’re feeling brave. For those that like to nibble as they drink, Bar Termini also offers a selection of Italian cheeses and charcuterie to accompany their drinks.

Bar Termini can be found at 7 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 5JE.

Hide Below


The aptly named Hide Below is the basement bar of the Hide restaurant, located about 10 minute walk away from Charing Cross, serving seasonal food sourced from networks of small farmers. The restaurant has an extensive wine list you can browse digitally and have delivered to your table. However for cocktails head downstairs, where the drinks focus on flavour, bringing together fresh ingredients. The mixologists highlight these by combining spirits from all over the world with seasonal produce, like yellow peppers with passionfruit and dry martinis made with frozen birch sap instead of ice.

Hide Below is located at 85 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NB.

The Blind Pig


Another cocktail bar attached to a restaurant is the Blind Pig, sitting above the Social Eating House in Soho. Styled as a speakeasy with moody lighting and mirrored ceilings, the cocktail menu is themed by fictional locations like 'Asgard's Lightening Mead' and even 'Springfield's Nuclear Daiquiri' from The Simpsons. The bar snacks here are also well worth ordering - in particular the duck fat chips.

Mr Fogg's Society of Exploration


Mr Fogg’s encompasses a series of bars all named after Phileas Fogg, legendary explorer who went around the world in 80 days. The Society of Exploration is no different, everything is included in the theme, from menus, decor to even the toilets. In the bar itself, one of the rooms is a recreation of a Victorian train, replicating where Mr Fogg started his journey from Charing Cross Station. Cocktails are grouped by locations around the world, like the Easter Island themed, Rapa Nui, which is made with Santa Teresa 1796 rum, cinnamon & clove liqueur, banana shrub, and peanut butter. 



A cocktail bar spread across two floors in Soho, with upstairs focused on casual drinks and the downstairs being much more of a cosy speakeasy vibe. The cocktail menu sticks to the classic flavours with their signature being Irish Coffee. They also offer kits to make your own at home. Made with Colombian dark roast coffee, blended with whisky and cream sourced from local markets and hand whipped for texture. Another standout drink on their menu is the complex Praline Flip with rum, Guinness and sweet hazelnut syrup, a drink that’ll keep you warm at night.

FAM Bar & Kitchen


When you enter FAM after turning off Oxford street, you’ll be greeted by a vintage sound system complete with vinyl records. It’s bold and punchy like their drinks. We recommend the Tropical Painkiller, made with coconut oil washed Maker’s Mark whisky, Singani 63, and Merlet Lune d'Abricot. A twist on a classic from the FAM mixologists is their Margarita, created with a bespoke tequila Blend, citrus and Bermondsey Street Bees honey from across the river in London.

The Lost Alpaca


The Lost Alpaca is a Latin themed cocktail bar, just underneath the Peruvian restaurant, Floral By Lima. The music played here is loved by regulars, but they come back to this retro styled bar for the Pisco cocktails. Pisco, a grape brandy produced in Chile and Peru has a unique aromatic taste, lending itself to many drinks in place of tequila, vodka or aperitifs. The Pisco sour is the signature cocktail at The Lost Alpaca, but they also do ‘Volcano-Groni’, using bentonite clay and yerba mate tea for an earthy version of the italian classic.

The Alchemist


The Alchemist’s tagline is ‘Theatre Served’ so expect a dramatic flair for show stopping cocktails here. Molecular magic (as they call it) happens with a variety of unusual ingredients coming together to make drinks more of an experience. Their cocktail menu is arranged by drama levels, with introductory drinks like the 'Colour Changing One' with one of the ingredients listed as 'Magic'. Moving onto darker spirits, they do a ‘Dry Iced Tea’ complete with a vanilla cola foam to add sweetness. True to their experimental nature they also create their own infusions in-house, ranging from peanut butter rum, strawberry laces gin, to sweet garlic vodka.

The Escapologist



Twisted classic cocktails is what you'll find at The Escapologist, where they party like ‘it's 1899’ with a style that’s a cross between a Victorian mens club and a Masonic lodge.

As for drinks, the Margarita is elevated with hibiscus syrup and another to put on the bucket list is the Rhubarb & Custard Sling, made to emulate the sweet and sour fizz of this nostalgic British sweet.

We hope our list of the best cocktail bars near Charing Cross has ended your search for some of the best tasting and aesthetically pleasing drinks in London. If you need more recommendations for the best bars in Soho or places that are great to visit pre and post theatre, look no further than our Out and About blog.

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