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London’s coolest supper clubs


What’s the difference between a supper club and a restaurant? Well, supper clubs in London started as pop-up food destinations in people’s homes, creating a dinner party experience with a professional chef sharing their food inspiration. Today, that idea has expanded to create that pop-up dinner party feel in restaurants, clubs and other venues but not always in the same place at the same time. There are some fabulous supper clubs in London, each offering something different. So we’ve picked out a few of our favourite London supper clubs for you. 


Asma Khan’s Biryani Supper Club

Get the hottest supper club ticket in town at Asma Khan’s Biryani Supper Club. Earning stellar reviews and celebrity fans like Paul Rudd, Asma Khan started spreading her biryani joy from her South Kensington flat 10 years ago, then move to the Darjeeling Express restaurant on Carnaby Street. 


Although most of us associate supper with an evening meal, this Indian supper club is actually more of a late lunch, served at 2pm, Daawat style, with large platters of aromatic food served all together. The dum biryani, the centrepiece of this meal, uses a treasured Calcutta recipe handed down through generations. A trio of desserts and a cup of masala chai follow the main course. This supper club often sells out weeks in advance, so book early to avoid missing out. 


Supperclub Tube

Picture fine dining with white tablecloths and a six-course Latin American tasting menu. This is Supperclub Tube, which hosts dinner every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening inside a 1960s Victoria line tube carriage at the Walthamstow Pumphouse museum. Candles light the carriage and a curated music playlist creates a unique atmosphere. And, most importantly, the food is fabulous. 


Beatriz Maldonado Carreño (known as Bea) is the head chef. In her menu, she introduces you to each dish and the story behind it. You can expect dishes prepared using a combination of modern techniques, old recipes and seasonal British ingredients. Although your tube train doesn’t move, the menu transports you to Latin America and gives you a deeper understanding of its food culture. 


Alexander Does Supper

If sitting on a tube train for food doesn’t appeal, perhaps this supper club will bring out your creative side. Alexander Does Supper is run by chef Alexander James Dunstan, who hosts a monthly Saturday evening Dine and Draw supper club at the Dulwich Art Club, combining food, music and cocktails with a live art drawing. His mission was to create a space where people could come together for an evening to share their love of art, music and food.


A typical supper club evening starts with welcome drinks, followed by a live art drawing class to live music. At a communal table, you dine on a delicious supper prepared by Alexander, who caters to most dietary needs. It’s a brilliant way to meet new people. 


Shanghai Supper Club

This is the brainchild of chef Lillian Luk, who shares lesser-known dishes from Shanghai. Her love of food comes from growing up with her grandmother and sharing the flavours from her childhood, like her grandmother’s recipes and rare Shanghai street food. Every six to eight weeks, Lillian hosts the Shanghai Dinner Club, family style, around a large communal table where you pass dishes around and enjoy conversation. 


Locations for the supper club vary but are often in pubs and restaurants close to her home in Marylebone. Lillian occasionally offers a takeaway option too. Expect incredible flavours from a seasonal menu, maybe with delicious steamed pork buns and sea moss fried fish. The best way to find out about the next supper club event is to join the mailing list and check for the latest supper club details on her website. 


Round off your supper club with a late-night cocktail and a fantastic night’s rest at The Clermont, Victoria or The Clermont, Charing Cross. Our Central London hotels are ideal for a foodie night out in London and offer you the luxury comforts you deserve.