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Revealing the scenes behind the curtain

Sights worth seeing

London Behind the Scenes

Get the inside story on some of London’s coolest venues, its theatres, museums and iconic landmarks. We take you behind the scenes to see the parts of London that are normally off limits. Here are the tours with revealing glimpses into the inner workings of some of the city’s coolest places. 


Uncover hidden treasures with a behind-the-scenes museum tour

From amazing creatures to historic artefacts hidden from view, these are some unique and immersive museum tours. 

London Transport Museum - Hidden London

Secret subterranean tunnels, abandoned stations and incredible feats of engineering await on the popular Hidden London tours run by the London Transport Museum. See the old posters and ticket booths abandoned since the 60s at Aldwych station. Visit Winston Churchill’s secret bombproof tunnels and walk through the Baker Street steam tunnels. Hidden London tours are an extra experience separate from the London Transport Museum tickets, so you need to book your tour spot in advance. 

Natural History Museum - Spirit Collection

Enter the basement vaults of this vast museum on your Spirit Collection tour to see a staggering 23 million specimens stored in alcohol. Your expert guide will share specimens so big, so rare and so special they’re too valuable to have out on display for public view. For your eyes only: Charles Darwin’s pet octopus and specimens collected by Captain James Cook.

Royal Museum Greenwich - Saturday Super Store Tours

Every Saturday afternoon, the Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre opens its doors for a specialist tour of their store of 2.5 million nautical treasures. The Saturday Super Store Tour reveals stories of famous naval battles, expeditions to the Antarctic and tales of the Titanic. 


Peek behind the curtain with a London backstage theatre tour

Most of us have only experienced the theatre from our seat. These backstage tours take you into a world of costumes, technical magic and tall tales from the stage. 

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Tour

With 350 years of history, this theatre heaves with entertaining stories of bankruptcy, murder, fire and ghostly sightings. And this tour has it all. Plenty of famous faces have trodden the boards at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, and it’s considered the home of Victorian pantomime as well as launching classic musicals such as My Fair Lady and Oklahoma. The tour is a real behind-the-scenes peek at the eccentric life of a theatre.

Shakespeare’s Globe Story & Tour

Another brilliant backstage theatre tour in London is Shakespeare’s Globe Story & Tour, which gives you a fantastic history of the Globe Theatre and lets you try on costumes, explore an interactive exhibition of past productions and see the production crew at work.

Royal Opera House Backstage Tour

If you love opera, ballet and costumes, the Royal Opera House Backstage Tour is the one for you. Your backstage pass takes you into the rehearsal studios, costume departments and production workshops, revealing the inner workings of this glamorous theatre. 


See a London landmark from a different perspective

Visit the hidden parts of London’s most iconic landmarks with tours that take you behind the rope where few tourists get to go. 

Tower Bridge Behind-the-Scenes Tour

This special tour of the iconic Tower Bridge is full of Victorian engineering feats. The tour takes you down into the hidden Victorian engine rooms, normally out of bounds, and shows you the huge 420-ton counterweights that lift the bridge. Your guide will give you a fascinating insight into the history of the bridge construction, and you’ll get incredible views from operational areas like the control cabin too.

Royal Albert Hall Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Go under the stage, into the dressing rooms and, if you’re lucky, catch a soundcheck as you’re taken on a tour of Royal Albert Hall. Expert guides share their passion and give you insider knowledge of how this legendary London landmark puts on hundreds of shows a year. You could also combine the tour with delightful afternoon tea. 

Westminster Abbey – Hidden Highlights

With an unrivalled royal history, Westminster Abbey has a 75-minute tour that unlocks parts of the Abbey closed off to regular visitors. Step down to the Florence Nightingale and Nurses’ Chapel, enter the beautiful 13th-century triforium above the abbey floor to see rare treasures and visit the Jerusalem Chamber at the Deanery where Henry IV died. 

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