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Wine Tasting Events in London

Expert sommeliers take you on a global tour of fine wines in one evening and help you master the art of spotting flavour notes and testing your palate. We take you through London’s best wine tasting events designed for beginners, experts and those who just want to find a new favourite tipple to take home.

Fine wine is everywhere in London, and not just in Michelin-starred restaurants. Plenty of traditional pubs, stylish wine bars and trendy new restaurants offer an extensive wine list from across the globe. Thankfully, London has plenty of tasting tours and appreciation classes to help you navigate the world of wine. So sniff, swirl, sip and spit your way through an evening at a wine tasting in London.


Wine Unearthed

Wine Unearthed has hosted some of the best wine tasting in London since the early 2000s. Experienced sommeliers take you on a World of Wine tour through 15 wines from around the globe. If you’re unsure how to find the right wine to go with your meal, Wine Unearthed’s Vine to Wine class includes a three-course meal that guides you through the fundamentals of wine and food matching. There’s also a virtual wine-tasting class if you’d rather learn from the comfort of your Clermont room. Wine Unearthed sends you the wine and a notebook so you have everything you need to join an online class for a 60-minute tasting session. 

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Humble Grape

There’s no snobbery at Humble Grape’s wine tasting evening sessions. Here, wine drinking is about enjoying the moment and finding your favourites. There are no right or wrong answers. Humble Grape has six stylish wine bars in the capital, all offering wine tasting evenings. Londoners and visitors have embraced the informal yet expert wine masterclasses featuring wines you won’t find elsewhere. You can choose a private dining or bespoke wine tasting experience during which the chefs prepare courses, and you learn the perfect wine pairings while you dine. With over 400 wines to choose from, including bottles from lesser-known vineyards, Humble Grape gives you a whole new appreciation for wine. 

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Bedales Wines

Step off the cobblestone alleyway and head down into the wine cellar at Bedales Leadenhall Market for a tasting session. If you’re a newcomer to wine, the best starting point is the self-guided wine flight, which opens with a welcoming glass of bubbly and teaches you to take notes and test your tastebuds. If you want to soak up the booze a little, you can add in a light food package. There’s also a wine tasting box you can order online, and wine and cheese tasting evenings on Zoom if you fancy virtual wine tasting. London’s Bedales Wines has expert sommeliers for private wine-tasting experiences, too, and they’re more than happy to share their passion for wine. 

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London Cru

Take a tour of London’s first urban winery. Operating in a Victorian warehouse – once a gin distillery – London Cru’s winery tours and tastings are a fun way to learn how wine is made in the city. Become a winemaker for a day. In the morning, you learn about sensory experimenting and the ingredients needed to make wine. After a two-course lunch, you spend the afternoon understanding, blending and building your tasting skills before creating a Bordeaux-inspired signature cuvée to take home. 


For the best wine tasting experience, London Cru also offers a one-hour winery tour with three wines to try, and the price includes a wine hamper to take home. Perhaps the most intriguing offering of this English winery is the Crush Club. Reserved for just 14 people annually, you can pop along to the winery three times a year to taste, crush and press the fruit that makes the wine.

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London is a wine mecca where tasting sessions take you on a world tour. After your wine tasting London experience, why not spend the evening at one of our Central London hotels, The Clermont, Victoria or The Clermont, Charing Cross for style, comfort and heritage touches.