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World Sleep Day: Why We Should Celebrate Sleep


Sometimes the Land of Nod is a tricky place to get to. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could sleep as well as that neighbourhood cat who doses on a fence while a hydraulic drill digs up the pavement? Well, we can’t promise cat-like skills, but we hope this helps you get a full night of solid sleep. World Sleep Day is about raising awareness of the importance of sleep to health and sharing ways to tackle common sleep-related issues. So let’s get stuck in! 


Why is sleep important?

A proper bed routine isn’t just for babies. Adults who go to bed and wake up at the same time each day get a health boost. And the right amount for adults between 18 and 64 is, on average, seven to nine hours. A study of nearly half a million people aged between 38 and 73 years old found seven hours was vital for maintaining physical and mental health. Even one hour less was linked to increased depression, anxiety and worse cognitive performance and mental health. 


Other studies show sleep deprivation increases the risk of a stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. So, don’t read these studies late at night to avoid over-stimulating your brain with worry. Instead, let’s focus on what makes sleep so good. 


The benefits of sleep

There are so many! A good sleep is the single most important thing we can do to help maintain a healthy body and mind. Plus, you wake up feeling refreshed and not needing to throw the alarm clock against the wall. 


Here are some of the key health benefits of sleep:


  • It improves your concentration and attention span

  • It helps prevent food cravings

  • It’s good for heart strength

  • You enhance your athletic performance, and you’re less likely to get a sports injury 

  • It helps keep your immune system strong


How to get better sleep

To improve your chances of getting the perfect sleep, it’s useful to know what causes you to stay awake. It could be illness, jetlag, too much caffeine late in the day, work stress, late shifts, noise or even an annoying gap in your curtains. It helps to plan your sleep before you lay down.


Here’s how to sleep better at night naturally:


  • Put your phone out of reach at bedtime. Preferably out of the room to avoid temptation. 

  • Keep your bedroom cool and comfortable and change bedding to suit the season. 

  • For noisy environments, try masking the sound with white, brown or pink noise.

  • Use a sleep aid to monitor and notice your sleep patterns to help you learn better habits. 


When is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day is always the Friday before the spring equinox. It’s usually on the second Friday in March. It’s celebrated globally, with local and international events and awareness campaigns by the World Sleep Society.  


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